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Jason and Casey White


Since 2012, Jason and Casey White have strived to make our company friendly and family oriented for our customers and employees.  We want to thank each and every one of our customers that have allowed us to serve them in some way. Thank you for supporting us, and Welcome To Our Family!

Mission And Vision


Established in 2010, S.E.M.S. Fire has always strived to offer the very best in quality service and care to it's customers. Owners Jason and Casey White believe in Old fashioned Values such as hard work, putting the customer first, and always dealing honestly and fairly with people. It is Our Mission to bring a "Personal Touch" to each customer we serve, going beyond just providing a service, but also forming relationships with people. As we understand our customers better, we are able to perform our duties better as well.


We Are A Company That Thrives

We Are A Company That Excels

We Are A Company That Cares

We Are A Company That Works For You

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